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Getting Started

New to Soylent? Learn more about how we think through our products.

What is Soylent?

Easy nutrition. No math required. Soylent is a complete meal that is enjoyable to eat and contains the vitamins and nutrients your body needs. We created Soylent to be healthy, easy, and affordable: Healthy: Soylent has plant-based protein, carbohy

Is Soylent made from People?

We assure you -- no bodies were harmed in the making of our products. :) Our formulas are powered by plants, not people. Don’t believe us? Click here.

What is "Soylent Green" ?

Soylent Green is a cult 1973 sci-fi thriller about a dystopian future with limited food security and resources due to overpopulation. It’s directed by Richard Fleischer and stars Charlton Heston. Cool film, but no relation. :) We promise! #PlantsNotP

What do you mean by "Complete Nutrition" ?

Soylent provides the body with everything it needs in a single meal. A combination of complete plant-based protein, slow-burning carbs, healthy fats, and a variety of micronutrients are all essential nutrients that our body cannot produce, so we must

Are you trying to replace the food that I love?

Not at all. We love food! In fact, we love food so much, we never want you to eat a disappointing meal again. You shouldn’t have to compromise yummy, nutritious food for convenience or cost. That’s where we come in! Soylent is not intended to replace

What is your approach to producing nutritious food?

Our goal is to engineer nutritious food that is optimized for modern consumers’ lifestyles and budgets. To achieve this goal, every one of our ingredients is carefully selected and vetted to ensure the right balance of quality, food safety, flavor, a

What makes Soylent different from other processed foods?

The nutritional value of a meal, regardless of how it’s prepared, is directly related to the variety of nutrients it provides within a person’s diet. Take instant macaroni, for example. Instant macaroni can lack nutritional value because of low level

Can Soylent help improve my eating habits?

Soylent is not designed as a diet program, but is intended to provide roughly 20% daily recommended micronutrients* (based on an average 2,000 calorie diet), plus a balance of fats, carbs, and plant-based protein. It is modular nutrition that can fit

Do you offer samples?

We don't offer samples at this time. If you’re just getting started, consider giving our Soylent Drink Sampler Pack a try. It currently includes six unique flavors of our complete nutrition shakes at an affordable price. It's great for Soylent begin

How do I incorporate Soylent into my diet?

We don’t want you to think of Soylent as an all-or-nothing proposition, a diet plan, or a trendy cleanse. Instead, think of Soylent as an antidote for the “food void.” A food void is any time you’re stuck without access to a good, quality meal. We’re