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Where is Soylent made?

Soylent drinks and powders are manufactured in the United States. Our Squared bars are produced in Canada. All of our facilities are GMP certified and regulated by the FDA.

Where do you source your ingredients?

We are very proud to be one of the first companies to receive the U.S. Grown, Sustainable Soy mark! What does this mean? Customers can be assured that products carrying the mark will contain soy ingredients that: Are grown in the United States Are

Is Soylent packaging recyclable?

Our drink bottles, caps, sleeves, and our tubs are 100% recyclable. All of our cardboard boxes, dividers, and outer cases used for stocking and shipping Soylent are also recyclable.  Some materials are not yet fully recyclable and can be thrown away,

Is Soylent compostable?

Soylent should be fine to use in composting as with other food waste or organic materials. How and what you choose to compost is a matter of personal choice. Soylent is plant-based which means it does not contain any meat, eggs, or dairy in any of th